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Marty Tackett Memorial Tournament

By Julie Grigsby (edited by Jon Griffin)

The April bass club tournament is held in memory of one of the founding members, Marty Tackett. Marty was a great guy and was not shy about sharing his fishing expertise. Many club members today owe their knowledge of fishing this lake to him.

*JG edit Congratulations to Tony Saltarski & new member Hunter Ball for BREAKING THE ALL-TIME TEAM RECORD @ 21.03 lbs!!

The record they broke in the Marty Tackett Memorial was the 29-year-old record from 1994 by who else but Marty Tackett & Frank Newman with their now 2nd biggest team weight @ 20.15 pounds.

That day is a bass club story of legend as it occurred on a bitter cold December tournament where everyone quit except Marty & Frank who found a huge school and very nearly froze to death catching them!

Tony pulled off the Tri-fecta on Saturday!


Big Bass – 4.06 – Tony Saltarski 1st Individual – 11.14 – Saltarski 2nd Individual – 9.05 – Hunter Ball 3rd Individual – 8.07 – Tim Casbeer

1st Team – 21.03 – Saltarski/Ball 2nd Team – 15.04 – Andy Jai/Casbeer 3rd Team – 13.05 – Rick Huffman/Pierce Johnston

A total of 11 anglers took part in the tournament with 9 anglers weighing limits – they included Tim Downs, Matt Shelley, Saltarski, Ball, Jon Griffin, Huffman, Johnston, Jai, and Casbeer. Paul Poole and Peter Kang weighed in 2 fish apiece.

Jon Griffin caught a 1.7 lb Black Crappie which ties the lake record.

The day started out mild with calm breezes but the wind picked up with about an hour left. All anglers seemed to have a good day! The next tournament is May 13 and is a pick.

Thanks to Amy and Anderson Johnston for coming to the weigh in!

Another great day with the Lake Vilbig Bass Club!


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