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Vilbig Bass Club

By Julie Grigsby

December Tournament and Year-End Results

The year finished with ten anglers braving the cold wind on the lake. Here are the results:

Big Bass – 5.05 Pierce Johnston

1st Individual – 10.01 Pierce Johnston
2nd Individual – 8.07 Brandon Wooddell
3rd Individual - 4.10 Tony Saltarski

1st Team – 13.13 Pierce Johnston/Tim Downs
2nd Team – 13.01 Brandon Wooddell/Tony Saltarski
3rd Team - 4.07 Hunter Ball/Mel Hodges

There were a total of 10 anglers, and all caught fish. Most said it was difficult because they couldn’t find the fish or because of the cold. This wraps up the year for the tournament, and here are your top 5 anglers for 2023:

1st Place – Pierce Johnston – 1344 points
2nd Place – Tim Casbeer - 979 points
3rd Place - Rick Huffman – 889 points
4th Place – Tony Saltarski - 879 points
5th Place - Brandon Wooddell - 868 points

Thanks to the Huffman’s for hosting the meeting/Christmas party on Thursday! Also, thanks to the Wooddells for coming to the weigh-in!

The January meeting will be on the 9th at Dillon’s – we will be voting on awards, so make sure you’re there!


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