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Vilbig Bass Club - December Tournament Results

The last tournament of the year was a nail-biter! The top spot was at stake depending on the results.

Here's where it ended up:

Big Bass - Brandon Wooddell - 3.05 lbs

1st Individual - Brandon Wooddell - 9.07 lbs

2nd Individual - Rick Huffman - 6.09 lbs

3rd Individual - Pierce Johnston - 5.05 lbs

1st Team - Tim Casbeer/Rick Huffman - 10.11 lbs

2nd Team - Brandon Wooddell/Andy Jai - 10.10 lbs

3rd Team - Matt Shelley/Tim Downs - 8.13 lbs

So, the big competition was for Angler of the Year - top points angler. Going into the tournament it was extremely close. With his fish today, Pierce Johnston wrapped up the top spot by 13 points over Brandon Wooddell.

Very exciting! Top 10 anglers were

Pierce Johnston, Brandon Wooddell, Tim Casbeer, Tim Downs, Rick Huffman, Tony Saltarski, Steven Dillon, Mark Grigsby, Matt Shelley and Julie Grigsby.


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