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Vilbig Bass Club - 06/10/23

The June David Kern Memorial Tournament

by Julie Grigsby

The June Bass Club Tournament is held each year in honor of one of the founding members, David Kern. David was a smart, funny, and kind person and was nice enough to teach a lot of anglers how to fish. Although he is gone, he will never be forgotten.

Here are the results:

Big Bass – 4.11 – Pierce Johnston

1st Stringer – 7.05 – Pierce Johnston

2nd Stringer – 7.02 – Hunter Ball

3rd Stringer – 7.0 – Mel Hodges

1st Team – 14.07 – Johnston/Ball

2nd Team – 12.15 – Rick Huffman and Tony Saltarski

3rd Team – 12.13 – Andy Jai and Mel Hodges

The day was warm and then got hot! The fishing was hot, too! There were fourteen anglers, and everyone weighed in at least one fish. Those weighing in limits included Rick Huffman, Tony Saltarski, Paul Poole, Hunter Ball, Pierce Johnston, Tim Casbeer, Tim Downs, Mark Grigsby, Brandon Wooddell, Andy Jai, Mel Hodges, and yours truly.

Three of our new members are tearing it up! Way to go, Andy Jai, Hunter Ball, and Mel Hodges!

A few (2) anglers were deducted half a pound because one of their fish died – we gave them a proper and solemn burial. Other anglers (including me) caught pretty good-sized crappie (pronounced CROPPIE for those new to the game). They are good eatin’!

The next tournament will be July 15, and hold onto your hats; it might be a NIGHT tournament! We haven’t had one in quite a while!

Seen at the weigh-in were the Johnston fan club (including mini-Pierce) and the Wooddell fan club (including the expert fish holder, Luke)


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