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July Tournament 2023

The July tournament started at 5 am…. Yes, I AM!!!!!! And, yes, it was dark. But that didn’t stop 15 anglers from trying their luck. Here are the results –

Big Bass – Rick Huffman – 3.10

1st Stringer – Tony Saltarski – 8.08

2nd Stringer – Jon Griffin – 8.01

3rd Stringer – Rick Huffman – 6.13

1st Team – Pierce Johnston/Jon Griffin – 14.06

2nd Team – Tim Casbeer/Rick Huffman – 12.02

3rd Team – Tony Saltarski/Mike Gilger – 10.0

As mentioned, 15 anglers were on the lake, and those weighing in limits included Mark Grigsby, Tim Downs, Tim Casbeer, Rick Huffman, Tony Saltarski, Andy Jai, Pierce Johnston, Jon Griffin, Hunter Ball, and yours truly. Corey Pankey, Mike Gilger, and Mel Hodges also weighed in fish.

Jon Griffin had not fished in a while, so it was nice to see him out there; I must say, he’s still got it! Although he commented that it took him a while to get them biting. Many boats started in the deep end and then made their way out to the other parts of the lake.

It’s pretty tough to get them to bite in this heat, but most fishermen (and women) were able to bring in limits.

The next tournament will be a draw and will be held on August 12. The meeting will be held at the Grigsby’s, and in honor of Bill Grigsby, we will be cooking hamburgers on the grill!


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