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March Tournament Results

Vilbig Bass Club By Julie Grigsby The Vilbig Bass Club has been in operation for 31 years! Thanks to those who decided to form a Bass Club and to those members who keep it going.

The tournament started pleasantly, and the wind picked up and was cold. By the end of the five hours, though, it had warmed up quite a bit.

Congratulations to Tim Casbeer for winning the trifecta in the year's first tournament! Here are the rest of the results:

Big Bass – Tim Casbeer – 3.1

1st Individual – Tim Casbeer – 8.13 2nd Individual – Paul Poole – 8.08 3rd Individual – Pierce Johnston – 8.04

1st Team – Tim Casbeer and Jon Griffin – 10.12 2nd Team – Paul Poole and James Roark – 9.10 3rd Team – Tim Downs and Corey Pankey – 9.03

There were a total of 18 anglers, and limits were weighed in by Paul Poole, Tim Casbeer, Tim Downs, Corey Pankey, Darryl Miller, Johnston, Brandon Wooddell, Mike Maness, Tony Saltarski, Peter Kang (new member), and yours truly.

Others weighing in fish included Mark Grigsby, James Roark, Jon Griffin, and Matt Shelley. A total of 40 fish were weighed in, and the average weight was 1.96 lbs. Fish were caught all over the lake, and everyone used different lures and techniques.

Congratulations to Peter Kang, one of our newest members, for doing so well! We’re glad to have you in the club.

Seen at the weigh-in were the Griffin ladies – Susie, Tatum, and Sawyer and the 2/3 of the Johnston’s – Amy and Anderson (aka Mini-Pierce).

Thanks to the Dillons for hosting our meeting the other night – the next meeting is at Rick Huffmans.


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