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David Kern Memorial Tournament Results

June 15, 2024

By Julie Grigsby

The June Bass Club Tournament is held in honor of David Kern, one of the founding members. David lived on the lake for many years and was quite the fisherman and tour guide. Word is that whenever David went on a trip, those with him were gifted a fluorescent green hat so he could keep up with everyone. Anglers are encouraged to wear the same for this tournament. We miss you, David!

Regarding the results, Tim Casbeer has taken 1st place in the standings with his first-place individual stringer.

Big Bass – 3.09 – tie between Matt Shelley and Tim Downs

1st individual – 7.13 – Tim Casbeer

2nd individual – 6.13 – Tim Downs

3rd individual – 6.07 – Hunter Bell

1st Team – 13.15 – Rick Huffman and Tim Casbeer

2nd Team – 13.04 – Tim Downs and Hunter Bell

3rd Team – 9.06 – Brad Dale and Mark Grigsby

There were 11 anglers and all but one (who tried her best and had a couple of misses) weighed in limits. Besides the ones listed above were Mel Hodges, Pierce Johnston, and Jesse De la Rosa – who weighed in his first limit!!!! Way to go, Jesse!

I thought the bite was tough, but whatever …. Apparently, it wasn’t. What I do know for sure was that it was HOT and HUMID!!!!!! Oh, well – congrats to everyone else – better luck next month, when it won’t be a 4 ½ hour boat ride!


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