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By Julie Grigsby

September Tournament Results

What a difference a month makes! It was about 25 degrees cooler today than in August – so much better! Some anglers commented that they would have liked a little wind, but I’ll take the cooler temperatures any day!

It was a day of ties, for sure! There was a tie for 2nd place individual and a tie for big bass. Here are the overall results:

Big Bass – 4.01 – Pierce Johnston and Brandon Wooddell

1st Individual – 7.06 – Brandon Wooddell

2nd Individual – 6.09 – Paul Poole and Pierce Johnston

3rd Individual – 5.10 – Tim Downs

1st Team – Wooddell/Mike Mannes – 10.11

2nd Team – Rick Huffman/Tony Saltarski – 10.05

3rd Team – Downs/Tim Casbeer

There were a total of 20 anglers and everyone caught fish. Limits were weighed in by Hunter Ball, Corey Pankey, Pierce Johnston, Andy Jai, Tim Downs, Tim Casbeer, Paul Poole, Brandon Wooddell, Mike Maness, Rick Huffman, Tony Saltarski, Mike Gilger, Peter Kang, and Mel Hodges. James Roark, Mark Grigsby, Matt Shelley, Paul Davau, Gung Ma, and yours truly weighed in at least 1.

Mark and I had a battery problem and thought we weren’t going to be able to fish. But we found a battery that solved the problem – it was a difficult day! Many started in the North End and came back with some big fish. Overall I think fish were around but it was difficult to find them.

Question on the rules – as you see in the picture, Pierce and Paul picked up a hitchhiker along the way. Does that count as 3 in the boat? Hmmmmm……

Before I go, remember the lake is pretty low so watch out if you’re out and about!


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