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Biologist Report February 25, 2022

Greetings, Lake Vilbig Residents!

This letter is to discuss our February 2022 management efforts. I came out once in February on the 16th. Got to love February in Texas. A couple of ice storms and a few days in the high seventies.

On the 16th. Water temperatures stayed relatively consistent, compared to last month. This month, my readings were water temps in the mid to upper 50s. Average of 57 F. Which is perfectly normal for February, We have had a relatively cold February, which is normal, so it isn’t surprising that water temps have not moved much since January. Winter is almost over we should start seeing water temperatures start to warm in March and beyond. Visibility was around 30 inches. pH was still high. 8.2. The water was fairly clear. A very nice green color, especially for this time of year. Alkalinity was a little higher than normal it was at 165 this month.

Again there were a lot of birds this month. Still. Several cormorants, seagulls, and a few dozen coots. We are getting close to migration season. Usually, this occurs in March, when they will start heading back north. Hopefully, we will be out of the birding season shortly.

Other than that, everything looks excellent heading into spring. Let’s get ready for warmer temperatures and spawning bass.

Thanks, Vilbig Residents!

Chad Fikes

Fisheries biologist


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