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Greetings, Lake Vilbig Residents

Biologist May 25, 2023

This letter is to talk about our May 2023 management efforts. I came out once in May on the 25th. Overall, things look really good. June and summer are right around the corner. So just be ready. It’s fixing to be summer in Texas; we all know what that means.

On the 25th. The water temp was 80 F. Big jump in water temps this month. And it is a little weird because we have had relatively mild temperatures. Even though we are hurling towards summer, it is odd to have a 10-degree jump in water temps over a month. I see temps in other ponds and lakes with similar readings, some even higher than 80 F. It isn’t like these are abnormal swings. It still makes me pause and think about it a little.

Alkalinity was 140, and pH was 8.5. pH is still running high. The water looked great, visibility of 30 inches, and had a tremendous green tint. Fertility is essential for several reasons. It is excellent for the fish. They need fertile water to grow properly, and it is also great to help shade out any aquatic vegetation growth.

Still a lot of birds, Canada Geese and ducks primarily. I’m not sure if there are more Canada Geese than usual, but it appears there might be. The gulls and coots have finally returned north for the summer. I did see a lot of everyday carp activity; they must be getting ready to spawn or just finished, as they were all over the shorelines and flopping all over the place.

I’m no meteorologist, but they are predicting a cooler, wetter summer. It will still be hot, but

hopefully, we can avoid 110-degree days. Other than that, everything looks fantastic as we round out spring.

Thanks, Vilbig Residents! Chad Fikes Fisheries Biologist

Michelle Parson
Joel D’Souza


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