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Biologist Report - Environmental Committee

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Greetings, Lake Vilbig Residents!

April 28, 2024

This letter is to talk about our April 2024 management efforts. I came out once in.

April the 24th. We always need the rain and boy, have we gotten it. The lake is full.

Amazing how things can change.

On the 24th. The water temp was 74 F, about the same as last month.

However, the ambient temperatures and increased rainfall have helped stabilize water temperatures.

Which I am fine with. I wish it could stay in the mid-70s all the time, but we all know that

will never happen. 

Alkalinity was 140, and pH was 8.2. pH is still running high. This is

very basic water. I know we have discussed it in the past, and there isn’t much to do

about it. But I wonder if we took a water sample and put a little vinegar in it, would it fit,

I may try that at some point. Just a refresher from last year. 

While we are in an acceptable range for pH, aquatic environments and organisms are very adaptable. I didn’t see much bird life that is out of place for this time of year. Mainly geese and ducks. The water looked tremendous but stained; depth readings were around 20 inches. But it didn’t have the usual

green tint. It was just muddy. This condition is caused by the amount of rainfall we have

received recently.

Other than that, everything looks great as we continue through spring.

Summer is approaching, and we all know what that means. Say goodbye to

these pleasant temperatures and, hello hot summer months.

Thanks, Vilbig Residents!

Chad Fikes

Fisheries Biologist


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