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Biologist Report, August 31, 2022

Greetings, Lake Vilbig Residents

This letter is to discuss our August 2022 management efforts. I came out once in August on the 30th. I don't even know what to say about the weather anymore. The first part of August was just as brutal as June and July. Vilbig was hot and at one of the lowest levels I have ever seen. And then the skies opened up, and you received more rain in a single day than ever recorded. Its' just phenomenal what Mother Nature can do.

We have also been very fortunate with below-average temperatures. On the 30th, the water was still hot but coming down, even from Jerry's readings from last week. I measured average temps of 86 F. Some spots were a little cooler, and some were a little warmer. This is normal. A giant influx of rainwater also helps to cool water temperatures. Also, just like that, the lake level was full again. Last month I said there was little chance of rain for the foreseeable future. Thankfully, I was wrong. It is just simply amazing what some fresh water can do.

Visibility was around 15 inches. Water is still green with lots of plankton growing. This is helping shade out the deeper areas helping maintain our vegetation load. I like this color, especially for newly hatched fish and all shad species. Fish were jumping all over the place. Hopefully, what I saw was mostly bass chasing shad. But I have a feeling it was also some gar. Gar adapts well to higher water temps. It was an overcast day on the 30th. This also makes fish move around a little more during the day.

pH was still high. 8.5.Alkalinity was stable at 1:30 pm. I didn't see a lot of birds. Which was a bit unusual. Several domesticated ducks, but they are here to stay. Vegetation still is at a minimum. That is a great thing. It's still summer, but hopefully, we are on the downhill slide of this above-average summer. We must remain diligent and keep the lake as beautiful as nature intended.

Thanks, Vilbig Residents! Chad Fikes Fisheries Biologist


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