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Environmental Committee (Co-Chairs) Cecilia & Greg

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Environmental Committee Responsibilities


Reports to the Board of Directors to improve the environmental conditions utilizing all

available resources. Monitor the well-being and overall environment of Lake Vilbig. Be

the primary Stewards of Lake Vilbig.


 Oversee the Habitats (both aquatic and terrestrial, including fish)

 Oversee the control of the plant life

 Oversee the health and cleanliness of the lake and its shorelines

 Facilitate Lake Cleanups

 Oversee all lake monitoring programs

 Work with the Lake Biologist to ensure a healthy environment for flora, fauna

and lake residents


 Committee to meet with the ILA Board quarterly, or as necessary, as the

Chairman recommends

 Committee to meet quarterly, at a minimum, or as necessary as the Chairman


 Provide Lake Vilbig members and local authorities with environmental news and

information concerning Lake Vilbig

 Maintain records of the Committee’s actions

Suggested Projects/Oversee:

 Approve and oversee any construction going on the Lake

 Eliminate invasive plants and control weeds

 Work with the Biologist to ensure proper water quality

 Work with the Biologist to ensure proper aquatic stocking

 Develop dredging plans and costs

 Monitor trash interceptors

 Encourage residents to be part of the Lake Cleanup as “Stewards of Lake Vilbig.”

 Encourage residents to keep the shorelines and the street in front of their homes

clear of trash

 Provide residents with environmental tips to make Lake Vilbig cleaner and


*The committee should develop additional goals and responsibilities while working

with the Board of Directors to fund or help fund projects.


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