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Environmental Committee (Co-Chairs) Cecilia & Greg

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Question: Is the fish on the lake suitable for consumption?

This has been brought up several times in the past. We have also discussed this with Chad Fikes. Testing the fish isn't a good idea. The results are for the tested fish, and using the data to say that the other fish are the same is challenging. It can give us a general idea of what may or may not be in the other fish. If the ILA gets the data, and it's good, members will assume ALL the fish are good. So if they consume one that isn't, and something happens, the ILA could be held liable. To accurately represent what is in the food chain, we would need to sample a significant number of fish. Testing costs are expensive, and the data may need to be more conclusive. So, for liability protection, the ILA should take the stance…

Joanne Hoffmann

Black belly whistling ducks visiting Cypress Cove Park.

And in Poo Poo Lagoon.

John R Mikalik
Cecilia Dusek
John R Mikalik
April 20, 2023 · changed the group description.

Environmental Committee Responsibilities


Reports to the Board of Directors to improve the environmental conditions utilizing all

available resources. Monitor the well-being and overall environment of Lake Vilbig. Be

the primary Stewards of Lake Vilbig.


 Oversee the Habitats (both aquatic and terrestrial, including fish)

 Oversee the control of the plant life

 Oversee the health and cleanliness of the lake and its shorelines

 Facilitate Lake Cleanups

 Oversee all lake monitoring programs

 Work with the Lake Biologist to ensure a healthy environment for flora, fauna

and lake residents


 Committee to meet with the ILA Board quarterly, or as necessary, as the

Chairman recommends

 Committee to meet quarterly, at a minimum, or as necessary as the Chairman


 Provide Lake Vilbig members and local authorities with environmental news and

information concerning Lake Vilbig

 Maintain records of the Committee’s actions

Suggested Projects/Oversee:

 Approve and oversee any construction going on the Lake

 Eliminate invasive plants and control weeds

 Work with the Biologist to ensure proper water quality

 Work with the Biologist to ensure proper aquatic stocking

 Develop dredging plans and costs

 Monitor trash interceptors

 Encourage residents to be part of the Lake Cleanup as “Stewards of Lake Vilbig.”

 Encourage residents to keep the shorelines and the street in front of their homes

clear of trash

 Provide residents with environmental tips to make Lake Vilbig cleaner and


*The committee should develop additional goals and responsibilities while working

with the Board of Directors to fund or help fund projects.


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