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Question: Is the fish on the lake suitable for consumption?

This has been brought up several times in the past. We have also discussed this with Chad Fikes. Testing the fish isn't a good idea. The results are for the tested fish, and using the data to say that the other fish are the same is challenging. It can give us a general idea of what may or may not be in the other fish. If the ILA gets the data, and it's good, members will assume ALL the fish are good. So if they consume one that isn't, and something happens, the ILA could be held liable. To accurately represent what is in the food chain, we would need to sample a significant number of fish. Testing costs are expensive, and the data may need to be more conclusive. So, for liability protection, the ILA should take the stance that consumption of any fish or game from the ILA's property is at the member's risk.

Joanne Hoffmann
William and Mary Spears
chan kang
Feb 13

We will never know anything about the quality of any fish if not tested at all. ILA can always final disclosure on the random fish tested. It also applies to the company who are doing the test.



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