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ILA Ads If you find any problems with advertising on this page, let it be known, and they will be removed. You may place your ad here. Send an email to

ILA Boat Stickers You may get your Boat Sticker by contacting any ILA Board Member or email - with the following information: Name address phone number number of stickers

Cypress Cove Park Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers 1800 Diamond Dr Plenty of room for games, family reunions, and Weddings Grills, Picnic tables, T- Dock for fishing or swimming Contact any ILA Board Member *You must be a Lake Vilbig Member, and it's free, a refundable deposit to make sure you leave the park as you found it.

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18 Tem 2021

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We are on our way to Greece to check out the re-opening of the destination. Follow us on our social media page to live updates.


  • Enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience in Santorini at Canaves Epitome. This resort offers a unique getaway with its luxurious and spacious accommodations overviewing Santorini’s beaches and sunsets.

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