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Social Committee (Chair Ping Wang)

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National Night Out, organized and run by the Social Committee, was held on October 3, 2023, at Cypress Cove Park from 6-8 p.m. 42 adults signed in, and there were eight children. 21 ILA households and eight residents who do not live on Lake Vilbig were represented. The Irving Police, Fire Department, and Code Enforcement made their presence to strengthen community partnerships. Kathleen Purrington set up a table selling wreaths benefiting the American Cancer Society.

It was an enjoyable evening with a light breeze and comfortable temperature. The park is inviting, with colorful benches, neatly mowed grass, and an earthy smell of decaying mulch. The attendees feasted on fresh vegetables, fruits, cheeses, prosciutto/salami roll-ups, crackers, and cookies. Bottles of water were available, and Erica Kelcher served eye-catching snow cones. Lively chatter filled the park as people mingled, made new friends, and caught up with the old ones. Many of us…


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