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Lake Vilbig Water Test Results by Jerry Skotak

Sampled on Sunday, October 10, 2021, at 3:30 PM

Air temperature: 90 ℉ under primarily clear skies.

Sample depth: 12 inches

Algae: rare

Watercolor: brown/green

Water clarity: cloudy

Water surface: clear

Water conditions: waves

Water odor: none

Water temperature: 77℉

Conductivity: 590 µS/cm (good)

Dissolved Oxygen: 6.7 mg/L (good)

pH: 8.5 (normal)

Water transparency: 1 ft 5 inches

Lake observations: It has been windy the last couple of days, and the water is a little cloudier than usual. Winds were out of the WSW at 15 mph gusting to 20 mph today. It has been nine days since we had measurable rain. The lake water level is a little low but not unusual for this time of year. The pH and conductivity are normal. The water is starting to cool down as our nights are getting cooler.


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