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Lake Vilbig Water Test Results by Jerry Skotak

Sampled on Sunday, September 12, 2021, at 5:20 PM

Air temperature: 89 ℉ under cloudy skies.

Sample depth: 12 inches

Algae: common

Watercolor: light green

Water clarity: clear

Water surface: clear

Water conditions: calm

Water odor: none

Water temperature: 85℉

Conductivity: 600 µS/cm (good)

Dissolved Oxygen: 9.4 mg/L (very good)

pH: 8.3 (normal)

Water transparency: 1 ft 7 inches

Lake observations: Ducks, geese, turtles, and fish swimming in the fishbowl where I sample. The lake level appears to be between one and two feet below normal. The dissolved oxygen is higher than I expected for this time of the year, but that is a good thing. Also, the pH is around what I traditionally get: 8.3. We had.22 inches of rain four days ago on 9/8/2021. The lake water seems to be suitable for this time of the year!

Jennifer D’Souza


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