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Lake Vilbig Water Test Results

by Jerry Skotak

Sampled on Friday, July 1, 2022, at 4:13 PM

Air temperature: 100℉ under partly cloudy skies. Sample depth: 12 inches Algae: common (not much on the surface – mainly lake bed) Watercolor: light green Water clarity: clear Water surface: clear Water conditions: ripples Water odor: none Water temperature: 89℉ Conductivity: 667 µS/cm Dissolved Oxygen: 6.6 mg/L pH: 9.35 Water transparency: 1 ft 9 inches

Lake observations:

The air and the water are both pretty warm. The samples were taken under partly cloudy skies on a relatively calm day. The winds were out of the northeast at five mph. Ducks, turtles, and small fish were swimming in the sample area. Algae continue to grow pretty quickly. Most of the algae continue to be under the surface of the water.

Aquatic vegetation looks healthy. Nitrites (NO2-N) are not detectable. Total nitrate (NO3-N) is less than .5 ppm. Phosphate (PO4-) is less than five ppm. All are at low levels and indicate there isn’t much fertilizer or other agricultural chemicals being washed into the lake.

The lake level is below average, although not unusual for the amount of rain we haven’t had recently. We are considered (western Dallas County) to be in a moderate to severe drought. It has been 30 days since it rained enough for runoff.



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