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The History of Lake Vilbig

The following story is from someone who lived on the lake before it was built:

“J.D. Savage and his wife live on Pebblebrook Trail and have lived there since October of 1971…a few years before the lake was ever started. He watched the Galveston Bay dredge as it raked soil from the bottom and pumped it out to other areas creating land fill and elevating the land where houses now sit. It ran 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 12 months…September to September…then stopped.”

Other History

January 1996 – Centennial Homes, Inc sold the last parcel of land to Sumeer homes, Inc. (Bayview area).

The following was taken from a web message board:

"Eric Hankins and his dad worked for Vilbig Const. Co. He remembers the Vilbig brothers who were old at the time of his employment. He said even though they were getting up in years that they still came to work every day. He recalls their mechanics, Jesse Nutt (the tire man) and the head mechanic (his brother-in-law) Dub something or other. Also a Forman by the name of Blackie who operated the drag-line that dug Lake Vilbig. Eric’s dad moved dozers by truck and He was the grease/fuel monkey."

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History in Images

Vilbig dredge

Painting of the Lake Vilbig dredge by John McGee

Vilbig Lake Floating House Sinkse

At one time there were 2 floating houses on Lake Vilbig and there was plans for more, but after this one sunk, no more were built





Vilbig Dredge 1973

1973 picture of the Dredge by Helen Foster of 1908 Emerald Dr.


1932 Lake Vilbig Yellow Pages Ad This ad is from the 1932 Dallas Yellow Pages. histnote

1932 Lake Vilbig Yellow Pages Ad

This ad is from the 1932 Dallas Yellow Pages.

ILA Wins Outstanding Neighborhood Web Site

Irving Lake Association Receives “Outstanding Neighborhood Web Site” award 4/13/2002

1965 from Irving Archives
1959 from Irving Archives
1942 from Irving Archives
1930 from Irving Archives
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