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2008 Irving Christmas Parade

“Cypress Cove Park” named by Peggy Tackett.
ILA Wins "Best Float" and "Best Costume" in the 2008 Irving Christmas Parade

Our Social Committee did a spectacular job on the ILA float this year. This was the first time we have entered a float in the City parade and the ILA took first place for "Best Float". This was great exposure for our association and truly showed our civic pride. Congratulations to all who helped and participated.

The theme was a fishing sleigh pulled by 8 Rein Bass led by Rudolf (complete with antlers). Becky and Mike Grove's pontoon boat was decorated to the hilt with festive Christmas decorations (lights, garland, ornaments, Christmas presents, music, and lots of candy). There was blue (wave) skirting around the pontoon to represent waves. Nine, large bass pillows were decorated with reindeer antlers and harnessed from the boat to the a decorative stand, in the bed of Cher and Tom Kressley's truck, which also had the blue wave skirt. All of our participants wore green or red festive outfits. We even had Debi Grigsby as Kermit the Frog, who won first place for "Best Costume".

There were numerous helpers who put this all together. The ILA Board wants to give special appreciation to Cher Kressley and Debi Grigsby for their extra hard work and long hours.

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