Another Great Day on Lake Vilbig

Another Great Day on Lake Vilbig Blake Casbeer Kids Classic July 2, 2022 21 Volunteers21 Angulars

Exciting for the kids is an understatement, from the youngest three years old to the oldest 13 years old. Fun was had by all, probably more exciting for the families.

This year the ILA Board voted to give out gift certificates to the top three angulars that caught the most fish besides the beautiful trophies. It was a fight to the finish between the top three, with Bunny breaking the tie with fifteen seconds left in the tournament.

First place: Bunny Henderson (13 fish) Second place: Liam Wagenhauser (12 fish, larger fish) Third place: Dayton Casbeer (12 fish)

Mike Grove’s last year living on the lake – he established this tournament ten years ago, and none of this would have happened without him.

Ping (social chair) and Andy (VP) prepared hotdogs, chips, and water. Matt Shelley cooked the hotdogs on his grill.

Eric Kelcher kindly provided snowcones in his snowcone truck.

Thank you to all the other fantastic volunteers who helped make this event a success!

Link to the photos:

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