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Blake Casbeer Kid Fish Tournament Results 2024

by Cecilia Dusek

This year’s Blake Casbeer Kid Fish Tournament was a heartwarming and memorable event, honoring the cherished memory of Blake Casbeer. With a turnout of 32 enthusiastic young anglers, the tournament was a wonderful celebration of Blake's love for fishing and the outdoors.


The kids displayed impressive skills and determination, catching a whopping total of 153 fish (a record number of fish!). Among the notable catches were:


- Dayton Casbeer, who not only caught fish but also a turtle, adding a touch of adventure to the day.

- David Lopez, who reeled in a bass, a true highlight of the tournament.

- Diego Vargas, Henley Cochran, Mia Melendez, and Anderson Joshlon, each catching four catfish, showcasing their impressive fishing talents.

- Ben King, who showed that every contribution counts by retrieving a trash bag from the water, helping to keep the environment clean.


The success of this event wouldn't have been possible without the dedication and support of our wonderful volunteers:


- Mel Hodges

- Tim Downs

- Steve Dillon

- Yasmin Casbeer

- Clinton Casbeer

- Rickey V Casbeer

- Katherine Ramirez

- Michael A Shafer

- Rick Huffman

- Jesse De La Rosa

- Loretta Hodges


Their hard work and commitment ensured an enjoyable experience for all participants.


The Blake Casbeer Kid Fish Tournament is more than just a fishing competition; it is a community gathering that brings people together to celebrate the spirit of a beloved child. Through laughter, camaraderie, and a shared love for fishing, Blake’s memory continues to inspire and bring joy to everyone involved. Thank you to all who participated!


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