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Fall Lake Cleanup September 2001

“Cypress Cove Park” named by Peggy Tackett.
“Cypress Cove Park” named by Peggy Tackett.


1,300 lbs of trash was removed from Lake Vilbig.

Thanks to the cleanup crew: Dave Maskarinec, Steve Dillon, Iris Dillon, Brandon Wooddell, Alfred Schram, Eleanor Schram, Greg Hoffmann, Roy Jones, Hanna Beauchamp, Daniel Beauchamp, Xaver Blaschamp, Mary Evans, David Kern, Carol Kern, Craig Watson, Dottie Watson, Sandi Collins, Al Kohutek, Tom Root, Beverly Root, Gene Stoneburner, Jim Young, Darlene Young, Steve Martin, Sandy Cole, Rick Huffman, Chris Huffman, Tom Kressely, Mark Grigsby, Jon Griffin, Jim Pilarski, and Angle Pilarski.

Special thanks to: City of Irving and Bob Horton for providing the cleanup kits. Iris Dillon for lunch, drinks, ice, and ice chests. Brandon for getting the ice. Al Kohutek for the ice chests, water, sign-in sheet, coffee, cream, sugar, outboard motor boat, OJ, and flyers. Gene Stoneburner for his tractor. Mary Evans for getting the donuts. Alfred and Eleanor for the coffee cups. Tom Root, Jim Young, Mark Grigsby, Steve Dillon, & Tom Kressley for delivering the flyers. And anyone else missed.

Cleanup Drawing Prizes (2 Sam’s/Walmart gift cards provided by the City of Irving): Dave Maskarinec and the Beauchamps

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