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Lake Vilbig Lake Shocking

This Saturday, March 19, 10ish am, a gas motor will be on the lake doing an Electro Shock for the Lake Vilbig Bass Club.

This is usually done every five years, but Covid changed the time frame.

Why do this survey - Complete Electrofishing Survey - They will perform a full predator and baitfish survey with a detailed management written report for Lake Vilbig. This includes the analysis of all Bass captured and a complete sampling of baitfish and any other species present. We sedate your fish in our Livewell, which allows for a detailed inspection, weighing, and measuring.

Again Why - This gives the Bass Club a sample of how the Bass is doing, health-wise and what needs to be done to produce trophy, Bass.

You are all welcome to get on the water with your boats at a reasonable distance to watch. Bring a hand net to catch as many fish as you'd like except Bass while they are stunned.

The web shows you how this is performed:

Electrofishing Video link

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