Notice of Annual Meeting

Updated: Oct 31

To meet the quorum requirements and conduct business at this meeting, we need 107 eligible members represented, either in attendance or by Absentee Proxy/Ballot. Return your Absentee Proxy/Ballot with your Annual Dues Payment.

The Irving Lake Association, Inc's Annual Meeting of members, is 7:00 pm, Thursday, January 13, 2022, at the Garden and Arts Building, 906 S. Senter Rd. Irving, TX 75060.

Please vote for two (2) candidates only and mail the Absentee Proxies/Ballots by January 5 to the address above or deliver by January 13 no later than 4 pm to the Amazon drop box at Matt Shelley, residing at 1323 Lakeshore Drive. You may also email your Absentee Proxy/Ballot to John Mikalik -

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