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This is "ILA NEWS" January 24, 2021

Meet Your ILA Board of Directors for 2021

Matt Shelly - President - - 214-673-2262

Hanna Beauchamp - VP - - 972-986-1242

Jennifer D'Souza - VP - - 214-707-2253

Sandra White - Treasurer - ILA> - 214-763-9733

Ann Chittatil - Secretary - - 214-755-1835

ILA Outgoing President Statement

By Greg Hoffmann

When I first moved to this beautiful lake, it was sparsely developed. MacArthur Blvd was a two-lane, barely paved road. The end of the development was next to my driveway. Lakeshore Drive didn’t exist. I have lived on Lake Vilbig for over 35 years, and I have seen it grow and change. And with each passing year, it has gotten better. When I first moved here were very few plants, trees, or wildlife to be found in most parts of the lake. It has become home to hundreds of species of birds, animals, fish, and plant life. You, the ILA members, have made Lake Vilbig a sparkling gem in the middle of the 4th largest metropolitan area of the United States. You are to be commended for this accomplishment.

The ILA corporation has forged and nurtured a significant partnership with the City of Irving and has gained our city leaders and staff's respect. The ILA has many opportunities to better this community and, therefore, better the City of Irving in which it resides. Individually, you may accomplish some things, but only collectively working in cooperation with one another for the benefit of this lake, you will continue to make Lake Vilbig the best community one could wish to live in.

As the outgoing President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank you, the ILA members, for the support and trust you have given me in these capacities. It has been my honor and privilege to have served this corporation and this community as your leader. I would like to especially thank the various Board members who have assisted in this corporation's leadership capacity and community.

I have offered my services, knowledge, and assistance to the incoming Board of Directors to make a smooth and efficient transition. I will continue to help serve this community and corporation in any capacity that I may be asked to and be able to.

Board of Directors

Monday, January 4, 2020, Meeting Minutes

Attendees: John Mikalik, Ann Chittatil, Hanna Beauchamp, Greg Hoffmann Sandra White.

Visitors: Jennifer D’Souza, Matt Shelley

Call to order: 6:06 pm.

Items for discussion:

New Business:

Bills to Pay:

Lake Maintenance for December (approved via emails)

Annual meeting costs (approved via emails)

D&O Insurance – approved with signatures

Property & School Taxes – all approved with signatures

Financial update

Delinquent accounts, balance sheet, P&L

Ten outstanding accounts; five with liens; 1 lien pending release

Year-End Financial summary

Year-end assets are down by 1.5%

Upcoming expenses – General Liability Insurance due in April and small fees for website upgrade and maintenance

2021 budget. Need Finance Committee meeting for budget

Allocations based on 2020 expenses

Preparations for the annual meeting – January 14th at 7 pm via Zoom

Review the procedure and flow for the annual meeting

Need elections committee to tabulate the vote (Proxies). To be done at the Corporate headquarters (currently 1204 Garden Terrace Drive). ILA Board will meet at Greg’s house along with the Elections Committee.

Greg will prepare the official documents needed for the meeting.

Increase to the annual assessment to be Proposed at Annual Meeting with vote via mail. Bylaw, 66 2/3 % of the membership must approve the increase.

Update of the Membership survey responses.

Ann will compile survey results.

Results to be shared at Annual Meeting.

Update on the web site improvements and social media apps

The website will be complete this week.

Board will review via Zoom.

Open discussion

The ILA received a Charitable Contribution email.

Someone on the lake would like to make a charitable donation to help others who are struggling to pay their annual dues.

Board recommended we wait until the end of the month to identify those who have not paid 2021 dues.

Purchase two 2-terabyte external backup drives for ILA laptops

ILA needs to create a contact list

Greg averages 20 hours per week doing ILA work. Greg recommends finding one person to do all the bookkeeping and account reconciliation for continuity.

Set up an email address for ILA President and both VP’s.

Change all personal email addresses to ILA email addresses and use them exclusively for ILA business only.

Greg handed out the ILA handbooks.

Old Business:

Committee Updates:

Rules Committee (Linda Mikalik Chair) – need to establish fines and penalties.

Social Committee (John Mikalik Chair)

Environmental Committee (Jerry Skotak)

Bass Club (Tony Saltarski President)

Park Committee (John Mikalik Chair)

Communications (John Mikalik Chair) – updated as above.

Elections Committee (Iris Dillon Chair) – need to verify availability to meet.

Finance Committee (Sandy White). - need to go over finances and budget for 2021.

Woman’s Club (Joanne Hoffmann Chair)

Adjourned: 8:00 pm

Next Board Meeting:

When: Jan 14, 2021 – 7:00 pm - Annual Meeting of Members

Where: Greg’s House

The Tom Root Memorial Bass Club Banquet - On Hold

Anyone wishing to Place an Ad in the ILA News for 2021, contact John Mikalik -

Throw Back to 2015

From Greg Hoffmann

President of the Irving Lake Association, Inc.

The Irving Lake Association, Inc. is YOUR association. You elect 5 of your neighbors to the Board of Directors to manage YOUR association. These 5 people put in a lot of time and effort to make this community a better place. There is a multitude of issues within YOUR association that need your input, efforts, and consensus. The ILA needs your involvement. There are many opportunities for you to get involved. Please join one (or more) of the ILA committees. Each has several opening:

Finance - Review and guide for the ILA’s financial matters. The committee assures internal controls, independent audits, and financial analysis for the organization.

Nomination - Make nominations for election to the board of directors.

Rules - Review the Easement Restrictions and ILA Bylaws for consistency, validity, and reasonableness, keeping the membership’s rights and enjoyment of Lake Vilbig foremost in mind

Bass Club - Fellowship, competition, & improving bass fishing are the club's top priorities with cookouts, tournaments, environmental maintenance, & fish and forage stocking year-round.

Social – Plan, organize, and execute community parties and events to increase camaraderie.

Park - Plan, maintain, improve and manage Cypress Cove Park.

Environmental - Monitor and improve the environmental well-being of Lake Vilbig. Utilizing the Texas and Urban Watch programs and provide Lake Vilbig residents and the local authorities with environmental news and information concerning our lake.

2021 ILA Events

February 1 - ILA Board Meeting

February - On Hold- The Tom Root Memorial Bass Club Banquet

March 1 - ILA Board Meeting

March 11 - Vilbig Bass Club Meeting - 7:30 pm

March 13 - Vilbig Bass Club Tournament - Pick

June 7 - ILA Board Meeting

June 10 - Vilbig Bass Club Meeting - 7:30 pm

June 12 - Vilbig Bass Club Tournament - Pick - (David Kern Memorial)

July 3 - The Blake Casbeer Kids Classic

July 5 - ILA Board Meeting

July 8 - Vilbig Bass Club Meeting - 7:30 pm

July 10 - Vilbig Bass Club Tournament - Pick

August 2 - ILA Board Meeting

August 12 - Vilbig Bass Club Meeting - 7:30 pm

August 14 - Vilbig Bass Club Tournament - Pic - Bill (Bill Grigsby Memorial)

September 6 - ILA Board Meeting

September 9 - Vilbig Bass Club Meeting - 7:30 pm

September 11 - Vilbig Bass Club Tournament - Pick

September 18 - Lake Cleanup - 8:00am - 12:00pm

September 25 - Vilbig Bass Club Couples Tournament

October 4 - ILA Board Meeting

October 14 - Vilbig Bass Club Meeting - 7:30 pm

October 16 - Vilbig Bass Club Tournament - Doubles Draw

October 23 - Vilbig Bass Club Tournament - The Classic

November 1 - ILA Board Meeting

November 11 - Vilbig Bass Club Meeting 7:30 pm

November 13 - Vilbig Bass Club Tournament - Pick

December 6 - ILA Board Meeting

December 9 - Vilbig Bass Club Meeting & Christmas Party

December 11 - Vilbig Bass Club Tournament – Pic - (Marcus Boudreaux Memorial)

Prayers Request

George Chirayil



2/6 Sandra Cole

2/6 Jaxson Phillips

2/8 Kristi Wooddell

2/9 Bear Denton

2/10 Brad Dale

2/12 Kathy Nagel

2/13 Kelly Smith

2/17 Joanne Hoffmann

If you would like to add someone to the prayer request or have a Birthday you wish to recognize, send an email to John Mikalik - to be added.

Crime Summary Beat 36



Jan 19, 2021, at 11:30 am



Jan 21, 2021, at 9:30 am



Jan 21, 2021, at 4:44 pm

Free Youth and Family Counseling Services

The Irving Family Advocacy Center (FAC) offers free telehealth counseling services for victims of crime, domestic violence, and families with high-risk juveniles in a family, couple, or individual therapy setting, as well as education classes.

Group counseling and education classes are offered for parenting, overcoming domestic violence, trauma from crime victimization, child abuse, and others. Counseling Services are available by applying at

Domestic violence victims can call the FAC's Victim Services unit 8 a.m. to 5 pm., Monday - Friday, at (972) 721-6560 for assistance.

More information available at

Irving's Got Talent Audition Deadline

is Feb. 5

Free Irving Neighborhood Cookbook

Employment Opportunities with

City of Irving


Irving Animal Services

This month's spay/neuter and vaccination clinics.

Irving Public Library

NEA Big Read kicks off Jan. 23 with a drive-thru fiesta.

Parks and Recreation

Auditions open for Irving's Got Talent teen show.

Think Green Be Green

Next Home Chemical Collection Recycling Event Feb. 27.

Irving Arts Center

New artwork on display at Main Street Plaza.

Email Addresses:

ILA Secretary:

ILA Treasurer:

Mailing Address:


P.O. Box - 171111

Irving, TX 75017-1111


Lake Vilbig Website

Buy Merchandise

Lake Vilbig Residents Group

Vilbig Bass Club

Lake Vilbig Residents


Police/Fire - 911

Police non-emergency number - 972-273-1010

City of Irving emergency number - 972-721-2411

Animal Shelter - 972-721-2256 (Barking Dog Complaint)

Code Enforcement - 972-721-4929 -

Pothole Hotline - 972-721-7303

Airport Noise Complaint Hotline - 972-574-2538

ILA Boat Stickers

You may get your Boat Sticker from John Mikalik by contacting him at: with the following information:



phone number

number of stickers

Cypress Cove Park

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

1800 Diamond Dr

Plenty of room for games, family reunions, and Weddings

Grills, Picnic tables, T- Dock for fishing or swimming

Contact any ILA Board Member.

*You must be a Lake Vilbig Member, and it's free, just a deposit to make sure you leave the park as you found it.

Long's Fencing of North Texas

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

Repair or New

972-294-4087 or 940-566-2819

Grand Prairie Feed Store

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

Fish Food - Organic Fertilizer

1229 E. Main St


Linda & Ray's Scrapping

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

Don't pay to have your washer, dryer; refrigerator hauled off. I will do it for free.

Same-day pickup

Ray - 972-765-2097

Drains Hernandez Services

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

French drains with gravel Sump pump installations, roof water control, and downspout exhausts. Standing yard water control, surface drains, garden dreins, concrete drains, channel drains, Irrigation repairs.

Free estimates

Alberto Hernandez


Termite Inspection

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

Termite inspections and treatment.

Kevin Kasky - 972-762-0899

The Handy Man

Vilbig Resident

Serving all your construction needs

Tom Young - 972-849-6200

Windows and Doors

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

Window Replacement & New Construction

We Manufacture and Install

Lifetime Warranty - Transferable to New Homeowner


Window Cleaning

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

White Hill Cleaning

Victor Bianchi


Antonio’s A/C & Heating

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

Antonio Contreras

Grand Prairie, TX

Cell - 972-768-8097

Veterans Garage Doors

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

Garage door repair and installation

(972) 885-2982

Grand Prairie, Tx

Pulido Cocreate

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

Retaining Walls, Side Walks, Drive Ways, & Slabs

Alex Pulido


Unique Stone Masonry

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

Seawalls & Complete Stonework

Your complete Landscaping Company

Jon Walters


Knight Erosion Control ​

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

R-Rap - Seawalls - Retaining Walls - Wall Repair


Olvera Waterfront Construction​

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customer

Retaining walls, docks, piers, and more.

903 - 263-9764

496 FM 3019

Winnsboro, TX 75494

TC Landscape

The Best of the Best

Call or Text - 214-524-4079

"Keep Irving Beautiful"

Tree Service

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

Tree Topping - Tree Work


Yard Maintenance

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

Shrub/tree trimming, cleans up along the banks, packing leaves, debris, and cut branches, etc. Rebuilding stone walls and does a thorough job cleaning up afterward into large plastic bags for disposal.

Juan - 214 607 6533

Rent a Husband

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

Handyman - The go-to guy

Robert Williamson


House Repairs

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

Julio Alvarado



Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

Replaces Hot water Tanks and will handle all of your plumbing needs

David Dees


Texas Sable Palm Trees - Cold Hardy

Contact - Romero - 817-204-4629

Will plant for $150.00

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