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Updated: Oct 30, 2022

Hello, your trick-or-treaters. If you drop by Mike and Glinda's house at 1160 Lakeway on Halloween,10/31/22, you are in for a treat. Mike and Glinda have an annual pass-out of hot dogs. They have done this for several years, and it's been a good experience. But wait, there's more! Mike is a person that loves seeing smiles on people's faces. Ready! This year he's adding to the menu - Steaks. Just kidding, he's adding cotton candy! Stop by before you go out or while your out, and you'll see Mike on the driveway cooking on the grill. For the adults joining, plan to stay and visit. Just bring your favorite beverage.

So Halloween evening, before going out, stop by 1160 Lakeway.

  • October 31

  • 6:00 PM - until they run out, hopes to serve 200 this year

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