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Water Main Break

From the ILA Board:


“There was a water main break on Wednesday, March 20, 2024 on the South end of Pearl Ln., reported by residents to the City of Irving, mid-morning. The water main was not turned off until Wednesday evening by the City and a large volume of water flowed down the streets and into our lake. We are not certain of all of the sources of the drainage; water main, storm sewer, etc. We do know it was bubbling up through manhole covers and the water was not all clear. The Board, Environmental Committee and some resident-Members are working with the City, our lake biologist, and other water testers to determine the extent of the impact on our lake, if any. The results of the City of Irving Environmentalist's water samples taken today, Thursday, March 21, should be received in 2 or 3 days. Our member water tester will also do some water tests on Friday, March 22, from his boat. The results will be shared when they are received.” 

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