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Why Lake Cleanup

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

Why Lake Cleanup?

When the rains come, so does the trash. The City of Irving has 32 storm drains that lead into Lake Vilbig. With the rains, the trash and dirt from the streets wash into our Lake. With no help from the City, we (the homeowners) must maintain our Lake.

ILA-sponsored Lake Cleanups twice a year remove two-plus tons of trash and debris annually. This is twice the amount of trash the entire City of Irving collects during the City sponsored cleanups.

How can you help?

Come out to the Lake Cleanups. Constantly gather the trash from the streets in front of your house and the shorelines behind your home. If you have a storm drain behind your house with a gate to catch debris, clean it after each rain. Volunteer to be part of the Environmental Committee. With your help, we can finish the cleanup faster by all working together.

This year's date for the next cleanup is October 22, with a rain-out date set for November 5. It will begin with breakfast and sign-in at the park from 8:00 am until 12:30 pm, with lunch for those that have helped.

Note: The ILA Board is considering hiring the Lake Cleanup out if we don't get the volunteers. We need boats on the water as we have plenty of volunteers at the park who can help. We have seen a significant decline in participation in the past few years.

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