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April 13th Tournament Results

By Julie Grigsby

It was a Tim Casbeer kinda day as he brought home the trifecta for the tournament – good job Tim!

Big Bass – Tim Casbeer – 5.13 lbs

1st Individual – Tim Casbeer – 10.08 lbs

2nd Individual – Matt Shelley – 8.04 lbs

3rd Individual – Tony Saltarski – 7.02 lbs

1st Team – Casbeer/Saltarski – 17.10

2nd Team – Shelley/Julie Grigsby – 13.02

3rd Team – Rick Huffman/Tim Downs – 11.0

There were a total of 11 anglers and everyone weighed in limits …. It was cool at first but then got warm and windy .. Everyone caught more than their limit …

Thanks to Lyndsie and Sophie Dale for coming to the weigh in!

Next tournament is May 11 - pick


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