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Vilbig Bass Club By Julie Grigsby

November Tournament Results

Only one tournament left in the year after this one, and Pierce Johnston holds a commanding lead in the race for Angler of the Year. The top ten rankings will come later. Yesterday’s tournament was pleasant, if not a little chilly. The fishing was okay if you wanted a small bag – the larger fish were hard to find.

Here are the results:

Big Bass – Tim Downs – 4.04 lbs

1st Individual – Pierce Johnston – 8.11 lbs

2nd Individual – Tim Downs – 7.06 lbs

3rd Individual – Rick Huffman – 4.11 lbs

1st Team – Tim Downs/Corey Pankey – 11.12 lbs

2nd Team – Pierce & Chase Johnston – 10.07 lbs

3rd Team – Rick Huffman/Hunter Ball – 9.0 lbs

Limits were weighed in by Pierce Johnston, Chase Johnston, Peter Kang, Mark Grigsby, Luke Wooddell (this was his FIRST limit weighed in.), Tim Casbeer, Rick Huffman, Hunter Ball, Tim Downs, Corey Pankey, Mel Hodges, and Andy Jai. Andy’s partner, Shige Tateno, and I weighed a fish or two.

There were 14 anglers, and 39 fish were weighed in. Again, fish were caught in all areas of the lake, but most were small – I think Pierce has nicknamed them “Vilbig specials.” Except for the Grigsby’s having to “row, row, row their boat,” everyone seemed to come out ok.

Going into the last tournament, the top ten anglers are Pierce Johnston, Tim Casbeer, Rick Huffman, Tony Saltarski, Tim Downs, Brandon Wooddell, Hunter Ball, Andy Jai, Paul Poole, and Mark Grigsby. The last tournament is a draw on December 16, time TBD.


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