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Vilbig Bass Club

May Tournament

By Julie Grigsby

Andy Jai Wins the Pot!

The Bass Club has a tradition that for each tournament, the anglers pay $1 each and the money goes into a pot. A weight is established for a fish and whoever hits that exact weight wins the pot. Well, after at least 3 years and over $1200,

Andy Jai finally hit the jackpot with a 4.11lb bass! Congratulations, Andy!!!!!! Here are the tournament results:

Big Bass – 4.11 – Andy Jai

1st Individual – 9.02 – Brandon Wooddell

2nd Individual – 9.0 - Andy Jai

3rd Individual – 8.11 – Pierce Johnston

1st Team – 15.01 – Pierce Johnston/Hunter Ball

2nd Team – 15.0 – Julie and Mark Grigsby (yay!)

3rd Team – 13.05 – Andy Jai/Mr. Xu

There were 18 anglers, and 40 fish were weighed in. Those catching limits

included Rick Huffman, Mike Gilger, Brandon Wooddell, Tim Casbeer, Pierce Johnston, Hunter Ball, Tony Saltarski Jr., Tony Saltarski Sr., Mark Grigsby, Andy Jai, Mr. Xu, and yours truly! Others weighing in fish were Paul Poole and James Roark.

Although the weathermen called for rain, it didn’t, and ended up a pretty nice day

– maybe a little warm toward the end.

Thanks to the Shelleys for hosting the meeting on Thursday. Also, thanks to the

Wooddell, Saltarski, and Steve Dillon for coming to the weigh-in. The

next tournament will be a draw on June 10.


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