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Lake Vilbig Water Test Results

By Jerry Skotak

Sampled on Sunday, September 10, 2023, at 4:30 PM

Air temperature: 90℉ under primarily clear skies.

Sample depth: 12 inches

Algae: rare

Watercolor: green/brown

Water clarity: clear

Water surface: clear

Water conditions: ripples

Water odor: none

Water temperature: 88℉

Conductivity: 700 µS/cm

Dissolved Oxygen: 8.3 mg/L

pH: 8.58

Water transparency: 1 ft 1 inch

Lake observations: The water is still hot. The samples were taken under clear skies. The winds were out of the ENE at five mph. Algae is rare (< 25%). Nitrites (NO2-N), total nitrate (NO3-N), and phosphate (PO4-) were undetectable. The lake level is below the output drain pipe. We are considered (western Dallas County) to be in an extreme drought. It has been seven days since it rained.

Unusually, the dissolved oxygen is 8.3. That is very good for this time of the year. I haven’t observed nearly as much algae this year as in previous years. Everything in and on the lake appears healthy.



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