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6,710 Pounds Removed

6,710 POUNDS… that’s how much trash was removed from the lake on 01/01/23

NO April Fools Joke

To put that in context, that’s greater than the weight of 26 fridges. In addition, 42,520 POUNDS OF MULCH were distributed in the picnic table area and a low-lying area of the park.

This all could only be possible with the help of these fantastic 42 volunteers: Pierce Johnston, Amy Johnston, Eric Kelcher, Christina Kelcher, Rick Huffman, Chan Kang, Tim Casbeer, Tim Downs, Hanna Beauchamp, Greg Hoffmann, Joanne Morrow Hoffmann, Brandon and Luke Wooddell, Mathew Chittatil, Ann Chittatil, George Walker, Varghese John, John R Mikalik, Linda Mikalik, Matt Shelley, Mel Hodges, Andy Jia, Jay Purrington, Tony Saltarski, Brad and Cecilia Dusek, Jonathan Kirk, Jackie Walker, Jon Griffin, Peg Tackett, Deannie Compton, Prashant and Adriana Bhardwaj, Sherry Huse, Beena Joseph, Madison Huse, Steve Gonzalez and his two lovely grandkids, Jay Young and Steven Dillon (both helped with dismantling old docks). If I accidentally left out anyone, I sincerely apologize, and please let me know!

An incredibly HUGE thank you to these volunteers: Eric Kelcher and Christina Kelcher for volunteering their commercial-grade trailer to dump the trash and transport mulch. This project would have taken so much more time and effort without your help. Tim Casbeer for towing the two heavy docks to the park to disassemble them.

Jonathan Kirk for preparing the park for the lake cleanup, and Greg Hoffman for his leadership and unwavering dedication to this lake. This year was his 32nd lake clean-up.. his first one was two years before lake clean-ups were made official.

Greg, Joanne Morrow Hoffmann, Andy, and Ping Wang for shopping for breakfast and lunch supplies, Matt Shelley for grilling, and the ILA Women's Committee for preparing our lovely lunch. Tim Downs for using his truck to tow heavy trash out of the lake John R Mikalik and Linda Mikalik for donating a tree to plant at the park


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Joel D’Souza
Joel D’Souza
Apr 04, 2023

It is truly heartwarming to know that we have such amazing individuals who are always ready to lend a helping hand for the betterment of our community. Your dedication and commitment are truly admirable, and I feel proud to be living amongst such compassionate neighbors.

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