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Boat Stickers

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

Boat Stickers - If you didn't get your sticker at the Lake Cleanup, you may get it at the ILA Meeting on November 15 from John Mikalik

The ILA Board took the recommendation of one of our members, Pierce Johnston, who said it was hard to determine if a boat had an ILA Sticker if it was facing the wrong way as you passed it. With that recommendation, the Board will require water vessels have two numbers, one on each side. The second number will correspond with the same number on the other side. A watercraft owner that has already bought the first number will have to pay nothing for the second number. Those who don't have their numbers will pay $10.00 for both. A watercraft owner will receive a warning if it doesn't have a number. If they don't comply will be fined $50.00. It's not up to the Board Member to catch those boats. Any resident can contact a Board Member for a warning and a fine. A renter's warning and fine will be sent to the homeowner.

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