Lake Cleanup 10/22/22

Updated: Oct 30

Lake Cleanup 11/22/22 What a beautiful day for Lake Cleanup. A little windy on the Lake today for the boats, but a productive day for 24 + people. It started with donuts and sign-in at 8:00 am, then out on the Lake by 8:30 am. The trash collected was over 1800 lbs. Lunch began at 11:30 am. Thanks to our ILA President Matt Shelley for getting the donuts for our breakfast and pizza for lunch. Everyone came with a great attitude and was willing to work. Some were the first time and had fun. Some had been to most Lake Vilbig cleanups, and it was still fun for them. A special thanks to Jonathan Kirk for the use of his trailer and for hauling the trash to the dump with his merry helpers. Thanks again for our wonderful volunteers; without them, it wouldn't have gotten done. Not all of the area got cleaned, so feel free to go out and collect trash. It's a neverending battle. Please do what you can.

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