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Lake Cleanup April 2001

“Cypress Cove Park” named by Peggy Tackett.
“Cypress Cove Park” named by Peggy Tackett.

Thanks to all who helped with the Spring lake cleanup. 2,440 pounds of trash was collected and taken to the City dump. A couple of sections on the lake were not cleaned due to a shortage of cleanup boats. Hopefully we will get to those sections missed during the fall cleanup.

Thanks to the cleanup crew: Dwain Morgan, Dave Maskarinec, Steve Dillon, Brandon Wooddell, Alfred Schram, Greg & Joanne Hoffmann, Roy Jones, Hanna, Daniel, & Xaver Beauchamp, Mary Evans, David Kern, Craig & Dottie Watson, Jason Burnette, Michael & Sandi Collins, Al, Debby, April & Ali Kohutek, Sydney Furgerson, Tom & Beverly Root, Gene Stoneburner, Jim Young, Steve Martin, Wojciech Kedzierska, Cliff Cook, Peggy Tackett, and whoever else that forgot to sign-in.

Special thanks to: City of Irving and Bob Horton for providing the gloves, trash bags, Sandi for making lunch plans, Brandon for getting the ice, Greg Hoffmann for the coffee, Al for the ice chests, water, sign-in sheet, cream, sugar, use of his pickup truck and outboard motor boat, Steve Martin for the use of his pickup truck, Craig & Dottie for the use of their big trailer, paper plates and paper towels, Mary Boudreaux movie tickets prizes, Jason for the use of his pickup truck, Mary Evans for getting the donuts, Eden Cook for the cokes, and anyone else missed.

Cleanup Prize (movie tickets for two with popcorn): Greg Hoffmann won the prize for the most unusual trash item (a bag of VHS movie tapes) and he declined the prize so the move tickets went into and drawing and the Beauchamp family won! Next Lake Cleanup is September 22, 2001.

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