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Neighbors Helping Neighbors

What a beautiful day to get out Saturday, April 29 doing good for the neighborhood with Neighbors Helping Neighbors. This is a program that Lake Vilbig adopted several years ago. If a neighbor is in need we ask for volunteers to help handle the problem. The person can either ask for themselves or a neighbor may ask for help on their behalf. Either way, it's kept confidential. Eric Kelcher has taken over as Committee Chair so all requests may go through him or contact any Board member.

Starting at 8:00 am Eric was ready to go. He picked up some tools from the Duseks because they were unable to assist. A big thanks go out to our four helpers. Without their help, it wouldn’t have been possible to accomplish everything they did.

- Sandy White

- Rick Huffman

- Brynn Englert

- Eric Kelcher - worked all day and loaned his trailer.

Eric said that the ivy was cleared away and over 80% of the bamboo was cleared. Due to neighbors' trees lining the street, they were forced to use the trailer for disposal, and with the rain, the dump was closed. So Eric has a full trailer to dump on Monday morning.

As you can see from the pictures, the job was big. Eric will be asking for help to finish it all up next Sunday, May 6. Look for the posting next week. It shouldn't take more than 6 hours.

Thanks again to those who volunteered their time and assistance to help our neighbors.

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