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Special Membership Meeting

On November 15, the ILA held a Special Membership meeting to vote on changing the annual assessment from $50 per lot to $250.

The $50 annual assessment has been in place since 1979.

Board members in attendance: Matt Shelley, John Mikalik, Andy Jia, Sandy White, Hanna Beauchamp

Election Committee: Ann and Mathew Chittatil

The number of members attending the meeting totaled 38.

The number of ballots that were turned in totaled 152. There were 62 members who did not vote.

The number of members that voted "for" the increase totaled 94.

The total number of members that voted "against" the increase totaled 58.

This did not meet the required number of votes needed to establish a quorum; therefore, the proposal did not pass.

If you would like more details and minutes of the meeting, please go to

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