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July 1, 2023, 1900

Diamond Dr. Cypress

Cove Park 8 am - 11 am

The ILA is dedicating the Kids Classic to Blake Casbeer, an annual event held by the ILA & the Bass Club.

As we watch the kids fish and get excited about catching their first fish, Blake will be in our thoughts and heart. We know he loved fishing and participated in the Kids Classic


Ages for kids 17 and under

• You'll need to sign in at the Cypress Cove Park Dock.

• Any fish and any size fish will be counted.

• You can fish from a boat or the bank.

• You must have your fish at the Cypress Cove Park Dock by 11:00 am.

• The fish must be alive at the weigh-in.

• You may want to fish from the dock at the Park since a "special fish potion" will be added to the water to draw fish.

• If you don't have a pole, one will be provided. Live bait will be provided

• No fishing license is required.

• Feel free to bring a friend; they don't have to live on the Lake, just sponsored by someone

After weigh-in Lunch will be provided for all - Awards after lunch will be presented

Any questions can be directed to Tim Casbeer - Kids Classic Director - 214-886-7806

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