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This is an Update on my Posting on September 26.

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

This is an update on my posting on September 26. The mailing of the Ballot a letter to the members, to our knowledge, is still in the hands of the Post Office. Here is what's been going on:

  1. Mailed 09/16/22 - ILA Treasurer went inside and headed to a mail clerk.

  2. As soon as we didn't see them delivered by 09/22/22, the ILA Treasurer went to Irving Main Post Office. They said oh, we don't process mail here. It all goes to Colleyville for processing.

  3. Again the ILA Treasurer went to the Irving Main Post office on 09/29/22 and asked to speak to the Post Master. They gave her the number to call the Postmaster. The ILA Treasurer called while in the Post Office. The conversation went from bad to worse. The Postmaster didn't give a flying flip, so the ILA Treasurer asked for the Colleyville number. She, the Post Master, said she didn't have one. The Post Master said the letters weren't registered and couldn't be traced. She also said to go to the website and file a missing letter.

Well, folks, your all caught up. Will they show? Who knows? The ILA Board will be meeting on October 5. The Board must decide what to do if the Ballots haven't been received.

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