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This is "ILA NEWS" April 24, 2021

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Vilbig Bass Club

April Tournament 2021

By Julie Grigsby

Marty Tackett Memorial Tournament

12 anglers competing. Here are the results:

Big Bass – 4.08lbs – Mike Grove

1st Place Stringer – 9.07 – Mike Grove

2nd Place Stringer – 7.01 – Matt Shelley

3rd Place Stringer – 6.14 – Tim Casbeer

1st Place Team – 13.02 – Tim Downs/Paul Poole

2nd Place Team – 12.08 – Matt Shelley/Steve Dillon

3rd Place Team – 11.13 – Julie Grigsby/Tim Casbeer

Congratulations to Mike Grove! Not only did he have a good tournament, but he also took over 1st place in the club! Points! A few members were missing because they were fishing the Cowboy Church Classic – we missed them. The day started cool and windy, and it never let up. I would say there were gusts up to 30 mph+! Ten anglers weighed in limits, including Mark Grigsby, Rick Huffman, Matt Shelley, Steve Dillon, Tim Downs, Paul Poole, Tim Casbeer, Mike Grove, and myself. Jaxon Phillips weighed in 2 while John Mikalik had 1. Fish, again, were caught all over the lake – North end, fishbowl, peninsula, and the deep end. The cold front changed the favored areas, but plenty of fish was landed. Last year, because of the virus, no draw tournaments were held. This is the first one since 2019. After all, the fishing was done, and the boats were docking at the Grigsby’s; Matt Shelley must have been really hot because he decided to go for a swim!

Thanks to Tim Casbeer for hosting the meeting.

Thanks to Linda Mikalik for coming to the weigh-in.

The Next Meeting and Tournament

May 13 - Vilbig Bass Club Meeting - 7:30 pm - Jon Griffin's House - 1411 Lakeshore Dr

May 15 - Vilbig Bass Club Tournament - Pick

Local Anglers Win 1st Place on Lake Palestine.

March 27th Jon Griffin/Pierce Johnston Team weighed in the winning sack of 15.32, including the tournament big bass caught by Pierce @ 8.13. The big bass was their 1st keeper caught about an hour into the tournament on a BPS beaver style bait in 3 feet of water. Jon & Pierce culled and improved throughout the day, throwing lizards, square bills, & chatter baits with a solid day of 3 + pounders, mostly mid-lake, to finish out their bag.

Homes For Sale on Lake Vilbig

2103 Bayview Dr


Paula Pittman


2012 Pearl Lane


Larry Lane

469-586-9372 - Leave a message

2001 Pebblebrook Trail


Todd Knight


Lake Vilbig Water Test

By Jerry Skotak

Here are the test results for 4/3/2021 at 5:00 PM at 1321 Lakeshore Dr:

Air temperature: 21.1 C - 70 ℉ under clear skies.

Sample depth: 12 inches

Algae cover: none

Watercolor: green

Water clarity: cloudy

Water surface: calm

Water conditions: calm

Water odor: none

Water temperature: 18.2 C - 65℉

Conductivity: 660 µS/cm (good)

Dissolved Oxygen: 8.8 mg/L (very good)

pH: 8.8 (normal)

Water transparency: 22 inches

Lake observations: light southerly breeze.

2021 ILA Events

May 3 - ILA Board Meeting - 6:00 - 1323 Lakeshore Dr

May 13 - Vilbig Bass Club Meeting - 7:30 pm

May 15 - Vilbig Bass Club Tournament - Pick

June 7 - ILA Board Meeting - 6:00 pm - 1323 Lakeshore Drive

June 10 - Vilbig Bass Club Meeting - 7:30 pm

June 12 - Vilbig Bass Club Tournament - Draw - (David Kern Memorial)

July 3 - The Blake Casbeer Kids Classic

July 5 - A Board Meeting - 6:00 pm - 1323 Lakeshore Drive

July 8 - Vilbig Bass Club Meeting - 7:30 pm

July 10 - Vilbig Bass Club Tournament - Pick

August 2 - ILA Board Meeting - 6:00 pm - 1323 Lakeshore Drive

August 12 - Vilbig Bass Club Meeting - 7:30 pm

August 14 - Vilbig Bass Club Tournament - Draw - Bill (Bill Grigsby Memorial)

September 6 - ILA Board Meeting - 6:00 pm - 1323 Lakeshore Drive

September 9 - Vilbig Bass Club Meeting - 7:30 pm

September 11 - Vilbig Bass Club Tournament - Pick

October 4 - ILA Board Meeting - 6:00 pm - 1323 Lakeshore Drive

October 14 - Vilbig Bass Club Meeting - 7:30 pm

October 16 - Vilbig Bass Club Tournament - Doubles Draw

October 23 - Vilbig Bass Club Tournament - The Classic

November 1 - ILA Board Meeting - 6:00 pm - 1323 Lakeshore Drive

November 11 - Vilbig Bass Club Meeting 7:30 pm

November 13 - Vilbig Bass Club Tournament - Pick

December 6 - ILA Board Meeting - 6:00 pm - 1323 Lakeshore Drive

December 9 - Vilbig Bass Club Meeting & Christmas Party

December 11 - Vilbig Bass Club Tournament - Draw - (Marcus Boudreaux Memorial)

Prayers Request

Bob Joyner

Jim Young



4/27 Ann Chittatil

5/4 Mathew Chittatil

5/7 Rick Huffman

5/19 Raylene Nailling

5/22 David Mundey5/27 Persephone Shelley

5/27 Mike Grove

Crime Summary Beat 36



Apr 5, 2021, at 10:41 am



Apr 9, 2021, at 12:23 pm



Apr 9, 2021, at 3:36 am



Apr 14, 2021, at 6:40 pm

ILA Contacts Email Addresses

ILA President:

ILA Secretary:

ILA Treasurer:

ILA Mailing Address


P.O. Box - 171111

Irving, TX 75017-1111


Lake Vilbig Residents Group

Vilbig Bass Club


Important Numbers

Police/Fire - 911

Police non-emergency number - 972-273-1010

City of Irving emergency number - 972-721-2411

Animal Shelter - 972-721-2256 (Barking Dog Complaint)

Code Enforcement - 972-721-4929 -

Pothole Hotline - 972-721-7303

Airport Noise Complaint Hotline - 972-574-2538


If you find any problems with those advertising on this Newsletter, let it be known, and they will be removed. I hear that some don't return calls.

You may place your ad here. Send an email to

ILA Boat Stickers

You may get your Boat Sticker by contacting any ILA Board Member or email with the following information:



phone number

number of stickers

Cypress Cove Park

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

1800 Diamond Dr

Plenty of room for games, family reunions, and Weddings

Grills, Picnic tables, T- Dock for fishing or swimming

Contact Kevin Stiegler - 972-313-5914

*You must be a Lake Vilbig Member, and it's free, a refundable deposit to make sure you leave the park as you found it.

Long's Fencing of North Texas

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

Repair or New

972-294-4087 or 940-566-2819

Grand Prairie Feed Store

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

Fish Food - Organic Fertilizer

1229 E. Main St


Linda & Ray's Scrapping

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

Don't pay to have your washer, dryer. Refrigerator hauled off. I will do it for free.

Same-day pickup

Ray - 972-765-2097

Drains Hernandez Services

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

French drains with gravel Sump pump installations, roof water control, and downspout exhausts. Standing yard water control, surface drains, garden dreins, concrete drains, channel drains, Irrigation repairs.

Free estimates

Alberto Hernandez


Termite Inspection

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

Termite inspections and treatment.

Kevin Kasky - 972-762-0899

The Handy Man

Vilbig Resident

Serving all your construction needs

Tom Young - 972-849-6200

Windows and Doors

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

Window Replacement & New Construction

We Manufacture and Install

Lifetime Warranty - Transferable to New Homeowner


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