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This is "ILA NEWS" June 9, 2021

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Vilbig Bass Club

May Tournament 2021

By Jon Griffin


Longtime Vilbig resident and club member Paul Poole teamed up with daughter Barbra for a six-fish team limit @ 15.13 to take 1st place team over ten total teams last Saturday’s May Vilbig Bass Club May tournament. It seems when Paul & Barbra team up, the result is always a good one, notch another win up for Paul’s green “Hawg Wagon.” Fishing as a guest in the back of Tim Down’s boat was Corey Pankey, whose three @ 9.15 was enough for individual 1st place. Conditions were perfect with temperatures in the 60s & 70s, and the fishing was very good, with 14 of the 20 anglers weighing in limits. Great to have VBC founding member Andy McAbee fishing for the 1st time in over a decade. Rick Huffman even “let” Andy catch a couple out of the back of his boat.

1st Team Paul & Barbra Telice Poole 15.13

2nd Team Brandon Wooddell/David Alley 15.06

3RD Team Tim Downs/Corey Pankey 13.15

1st Stringer Corey Pankey 9.15

2nd Stringer Mark Grigsby 9.10

3rd Stringer Paul Pool 9 lbs

Big Bass Corey Pankey 4.06

*Next Tournament Saturday, June 12th. This will be a “draw” event where partners are paired by “draw.” For ILA MEMBER who wants to fish and learn the lake and tactics, COME TO THE NEXT MEETING the Thursday prior. You’ll be paired with an experienced Vilbig angler who would be happy to help get you on fish! Our meetings are always the 2nd Thursday evening of the month, tournaments the following Saturday. Simply by watching the FB & email for details.

June 10 - Vilbig Bass Club Meeting - 7:30 pm - Tim Casbeers - 1520 Lakeshore Dr

June 12 - Vilbig Bass Club Tournament - Draw - (David Kern Memorial)

From the President of the ILA Board - Matt Shelley

Irving Solid Waste Services continues to work through the high demand for collections. The hard-working Solid Waste Services employees feel the impact of the additional collection needs as the team works to keep up with the demand. As a result, residents will continue to experience pick-up delays this week.

Collection delays are due to several factors, including the unprecedented winter weather event this past February, staff shortage, and equipment maintenance. The prolonged period of freezing weather impacted the health of trees, brush, and other landscapes that have been removed and placed for collection over the last few months. Additionally, numerous property owners experienced damage to their property that required unplanned improvements, which resulted in additional bulky items placed at curbs throughout the city.

On top of the increased demand, seasonal timing now comes into play, with the spring and summer periods being the busiest and heaviest for the Solid Waste Collection Division.

The City of Irving appreciates our residents for their patience and understanding during this time.

Residents should continue to visit the City of Irving’s website for updates or follow @TheCityofIrving on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Nextdoor.

Alternative Drop-Off Opportunity

Residents can drop off recycling, brush and bulky waste materials, and other household waste at the Hunter Ferrell Landfill, 110 E. Hunter Ferrell Road. Disposal drop-off times are 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Sunday. Drop-off availability is for residents only, and individuals are required to show proof of residency.

For questions, call (972) 721-8059. Visit the Recycling Drop-Off Station and Brush and Bulky Waste Collection pages for details.

Employment Opportunities Available

The City of Irving is currently seeking to fill multiple positions across the organization. Working for the City of Irving is a great opportunity for those seeking a career with competitive pay and benefits close to home and serving the community. City of Irving employees helps make a difference in the lives of residents and positively impact the community. To apply for a city position or to view other available employment opportunities, visit the City of Irving jobs page.

Homes For Sale on Lake Vilbig

2103 Bayview Dr - SOLD


Paula Pittman

2012 Pearl Lane - SOLD


Larry Lane

2001 Pebblebrook Trail - SOLD


Todd Knight

Lake Vilbig Water Test

By Jerry Skotak

Sampled on Saturday, May 22, 2021, at 2:30 PM

Air temperature: 78 ℉ under clear skies.

Sample depth: 12 inches

Overall depth: 4 feet

Algae cover: abundant

Watercolor: green/brown

Water clarity: clear

Water surface: clear

Water conditions: calm

Water odor: fishy

Water temperature: 78℉

Conductivity: 570 µS/cm (good)

Dissolved Oxygen: 8.0 mg/L (good)

pH: 9.1 (high)

Water transparency: 2 ft 6 inches

Lake observations: Wind calm – light rain before sampling lake water. The lake level is a little above normal. Algae present on everything in the water. Normal for this time of year.

It has been 2 days since measurable precipitation (.19 inch). There have been 5.3 inches of rain over the last week.

The pH is higher than I’ve ever seen it. I took a second sample and checked it both with the pH meter and the manual method (using a wide range indicator and making a color comparison.) I also checked the pH meter afterward using the 10.0 standard. The standard tested 10.1 - ruling out any problem with the pH meter or the calibration. I will try to do another test next week and see if the pH comes down to a more normal level for the lake.

April 30, 2021

Greetings, Lake Vilbig residents!

This letter is to discuss our April 2021 management efforts. I came out twice in April, the 7th, and the 20th to continue our management efforts for the year. It was an extremely windy day on the 7thth. Water temp was 68 F. Spring has Sprung, as they say. I am a bit surprised I haven’t seen the carp spawning yet. Alkalinity was 120 which is right around where it should be. pH was 7.2. Visibility was 20 inches. This was not due to plankton bloom, but due to turbidity and the nature of the lake the day I was there. Since it was very windy, it is hard to use visibility as a parameter. I checked several spots for vegetation. There is a little growth in the canal on the north end but not much. Mainly this is a little coontail. Coontail is an unusual plant. It is not rooted like other plants. It free floats around the lake. I have seen it for several years. But it has never been an issue. I.e., it isn’t spreading much April 20th was a much better visit. I was able to get out on the water. I spent a lot of time checking different areas for vegetation, and I had a grappling hook made that allows me to check vegetation at any depth. Basically, I throw it out, let it sink to the bottom, then drag the bottom looking for vegetation. I do this several times in the same area looking for any vegetation growth. I went over the volleyball pit, fishbowl, canal, and other areas. All the usual spots where vegetation generally starts growing first. I was not able to find a single piece of bushy pondweed or chara growing. This is fantastic, actually. We are a little early for chara to start growing. Usually, chara grows in the summer. So I will continue to keep an eye on that. Water temp was 68 F. Water temp did not change at all this month. We have had a couple of cold fronts to keep the temp stable. pH was 7.3, and visibility was 38 inches. It appears there is some plankton starting to grow, which is excellent. Overall, everything looks excellent.

Thanks, Vilbig Residents!

Chad Fikes

Fisheries biologist

May 31, 2021

Greetings, Lake Vilbig residents!

This letter is to discuss our May 2021 management efforts. I came out once in May, on the 5th, and then it started raining, raining, and raining. Preventing me from being able to get down for a second visit in May. That is okay because when it rains, it is difficult to get much accomplished on the lake. Water temp was 72 F. Spring has Sprung, as they say. I am a bit surprised I haven’t seen the carp spawning yet. Alkalinity was 120, which is right around where it should be. My pH reading was 7.2. But since the beginning of the month, there have been some unusual pH readings. In June, I will take a water sample and send it to Texas A&M to have it tested at their lab. Visibility was 30 inches—a little clearer since last month. I’m sure that has changed with all the rain we have received in May. I checked several spots for vegetation. Fish Bowl had a very marginal amount of bushy pondweed. The split (what I call the area between the main lake and the southwest corner) had no vegetation. Not much vegetation on the north end didn’t find any on the volleyball court. All this is fabulous news. When there isn’t any vegetation present, it means the residents have better access to the lake. It also saves you money when I don’t have to spray herbicides. Everything looks really great!

Thanks, Vilbig Residents!

Chad Fikes

Fisheries biologist

South Irving Town Hall Meeting Confirmation of Location and CHANGED DATE.

Irving Town Hall Meeting

Thursday, June 24, 2021, at 6:30 PM

Heritage Senior Center

200 South Jefferson Street

Irving, Texas 75060

The meeting is an opportunity to get your voices heard. Put the date on your calendar and attend!! Residents of West Dallas who are having problems with the odors emitted from the Mountain Creek Water Sewage Plant are welcome to attend, as well as South Irving residents. The manager of the plant will be there, as well as other officials.

Our Very Own Resident Gets Interviewed

Kathleen Galvan

Great Flag Caper 2021




We will need lots of folks to help place flags on both sides of MacArthur Boulevard for 10.5 miles from north to south. You can be a part of this exciting event and help make it happen!

It’s an amazing sight!

This year’s flags are planted in the loving memory of Tom and Beverly Root, Clyde DeLoach & Gail Wells.

Below is the chart listing the segments of MacArthur that our team will plant and harvest from ROCK ISLAND TO HUNTER FERRELL.

The flags will be displayed on both sides of MacArthur Blvd. from north to south. If you helped plant or harvest last year, please let us know if you would be willing to work again this year. You are ALL truly appreciated!

Please reply ASAP to let us know these three things:

1) you can help this year,

2) what segment you would like to work if it is available, and

3) what you would like to do (plant, harvest, or both).

We supply the flags but need your patriotic spirit to help us by agreeing to:




• June 26-27: Pick-up flags at the Dillon’s @1748 Rusdell Dr

• July 1-3: Plant flags

• July 5-6: Harvest flags

(Hopefully, this will fit your schedule! There can be some variation, but we like for the flags to appear suddenly and disappear together).






Rock Island to Schultz 100

Schultz to 4th Street 125

4th Street to 6th Street 125

6th Street to Fair Oaks 100

Fair Oaks to Shady Grove 100

Shady Grove to Rusdell 100

Rusdell to Oakdale 100

Oakdale to Lakeway 100

Lakeway to Turtle Creek Blvd 75

Turtle Creek Blvd to Sea Isle 75

Sea Isle to Isle Drive 100

Isle Drive to Hunter Ferrell 100

TOTAL 1200

Any questions, call or text Iris or Steve at 214-724-4747 or

Forward this to anyone who might be able to help.


Iris Dillon (South Irving)

& Great Flag Caper Board

2021 ILA Events

June 10 - Vilbig Bass Club Meeting - 7:30 pm

June 12 - Vilbig Bass Club Tournament - Draw - (David Kern Memorial)

July 3 - The Blake Casbeer Kids Classic

July 5 - A Board Meeting - 6:00 pm - 1323 Lakeshore Drive

July 8 - Vilbig Bass Club Meeting - 7:30 pm

July 10 - Vilbig Bass Club Tournament - Pick

August 2 - ILA Board Meeting - 6:00 pm - 1323 Lakeshore Drive

August 12 - Vilbig Bass Club Meeting - 7:30 pm

August 14 - Vilbig Bass Club Tournament - Draw - Bill (Bill Grigsby Memorial)

September 6 - ILA Board Meeting - 6:00 pm - 1323 Lakeshore Drive

September 9 - Vilbig Bass Club Meeting - 7:30 pm

September 11 - Vilbig Bass Club Tournament - Pick

October 4 - ILA Board Meeting - 6:00 pm - 1323 Lakeshore Drive

October 14 - Vilbig Bass Club Meeting - 7:30 pm

October 16 - Vilbig Bass Club Tournament - Doubles Draw

October 23 - Vilbig Bass Club Tournament - The Classic

November 1 - ILA Board Meeting - 6:00 pm - 1323 Lakeshore Drive

November 11 - Vilbig Bass Club Meeting 7:30 pm

November 13 - Vilbig Bass Club Tournament - Pick

December 6 - ILA Board Meeting - 6:00 pm - 1323 Lakeshore Drive

December 9 - Vilbig Bass Club Meeting & Christmas Party

December 11 - Vilbig Bass Club Tournament - Draw - (Marcus Boudreaux Memorial)

Prayers Request

Bob Joyner

Jim Young


June Birthdays

6/2 Iris Dillon

6/2 Kathi Timm

6/3 Mark Grigsby

6/4 Matt Shelley

6/7 Andrea Plachcinski

6/22 David Mundey

6/23 Susie Griffin

6/29 Marilyn Gerald

Crime Summary Beat 36

Vandalism 05/19/21 05:00 PM 2000 BLOCK OF MEADOW GLEN

Vandalism 05/21/21 05:54 PM 1600 BLOCK OF RUSDELL DRIVE


To start receiving alerts, you need to verify your email address by clicking on the link below:

Email Addresses:

ILA President:

ILA Secretary:

ILA Treasurer:

Mailing Address:


P.O. Box - 171111

Irving, TX 75017-1111


Lake Vilbig Website

Buy Merchandise


Lake Vilbig Residents Group

Vilbig Bass Club


Important Phone Numbers:

Police/Fire - 911

Police non-emergency number - 972-273-1010

City of Irving emergency number - 972-721-2411

Animal Shelter - 972-721-2256 (Barking Dog Complaint)

Code Enforcement - 972-721-4929 -

Pothole Hotline - 972-721-7303

Airport Noise Complaint Hotline - 972-574-2538


If you find any problems with those that are advertising on this Newsletter, let it be known, and they will be removed. I am hearing that some don't return calls.

You may place your ad here. Send email to

ILA Boat Stickers

You may get your Boat Sticker by contacting any ILA Board Member or email with the following information:



phone number

number of stickers

Cypress Cove Park

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

1800 Diamond Dr

Plenty of room for games, family reunions, and Weddings

Grills, Picnic tables, T- Dock for fishing or swimming

Contact any ILA Board Member

*You must be a Lake Vilbig Member, and it's free, a refundable deposit to make sure you leave the park as you found it.

Long's Fencing of North Texas

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

Repair or New

972-294-4087 or 940-566-2819

Grand Prairie Feed Store

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

Fish Food - Organic Fertilizer

1229 E. Main St


Linda & Ray's Scrapping

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

Don't pay to have your washer, dryer, refrigerator hauled off, I will do it for free.

Same-day pickup

Ray - 972-765-2097

Drains Hernandez Services

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

French drains with gravel Sump pump installations, roof water control, and downspout exhausts. Standing yard water control, surface drains, garden dreins concrete drains, channel drains, Irrigation repairs.

Free estimates

Alberto Hernandez


Termite Inspection

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

Termite inspections and treatment.

Kevin Kasky - 972-762-0899

The Handy Man

Vilbig Resident

Serving all your construction needs

Tom Young - 972-849-6200

Windows and Doors

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

Window Replacement & New Construction

We Manufacture and Install

Lifetime Warranty - Transferable to New Homeowner

Thermal Windows

J&M Glass Co


Window Cleaning

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

White Hill Cleaning

Victor Bianchi


Air Conditioning and Heating

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

Antonio’s A/C & Heating

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

Antonio Contreras

Grand Prairie, TX

Cell - 972-768-8097

Veterans Garage Doors

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

Garage door repair and installation

(972) 885-2982

Grand Prairie, Tx

Pulido Cocreate

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

Retaining Walls, Side Walks, Drive Ways, & Slabs

Alex Pulido


Unique Stone Masonry

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

Seawalls & Complete Stonework

Your complete Landscaping Company

Jon Walters


Knight Erosion Control ​

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

R-Rap - Seawalls - Retaining Walls - Wall Repair


Olvera Waterfront Construction​

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customer

Retaining walls, docks, piers, and more.

903 - 263-9764

496 FM 3019

Winnsboro, TX 75494

TC Landscape

The Best of the Best

Call or Text - 214-524-4079

"Keep Irving Beautiful"

Tree Service

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

Tree Topping - Tree Work


Yard Maintenance

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

Shrub/tree trimming, cleans up along the banks, packing leaves, debris, and cut branches, etc. Rebuilding stone walls and does a thorough job cleaning up afterward into large plastic bags for disposal.

Juan - 214 607 6533

Rent a Husband

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

Handyman - The go-to guy

Robert Williamson


House Repairs

Satisfied Lake Vilbig Customers

Julio Alvarado


Texas Sable Palm Trees - Cold Hardy

Contact - Romero - 817-204-4629

Will plant for $150.00

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